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Pillar Protector Installation Instructions

Application Solution: 6 Drops of Dish Soap: 1 Oz of water.

If you have well water, we highly recommend using bottled water since well water typically has a high mineral content.

Mix the solution in a separate container and pour it in to the supplied bottle. You may need to refill the bottle if you have several items to install so keep the solution handy.

  1. Thoroughly wash your hands.
  2. Fill a cup with water and a add Dish soap or Baby Soap per the formula. Soap is not optional and keep the cup of solution handy as you may need to refill the bottle.
  3. Fill the included bottle with the soap/water mix. Note: We supplied a small bottle due to shipping restrictions. It will be more convenient to use a larger one if possible.
  4. Unroll and locate the pillar protector you need to ensure you are placing the correct one where it belongs. Legends can be found on the listing. (Where you add to cart)
  5. Roll film in opposite direction of how it was packaged to flatten it out if necessary, this will make it easier to work with. The backing holds the shape of the roll, not the film. Waves and light creases are completely normal and will not be visible when applied. Slight imperfections in the finish of the material is common and will not be noticeable.
  6. Thoroughly clean the pillar to remove any dust, dirt.
  7. Dry the pillar to make sure it is clean and smooth.
  8. This step is just to help hold things so you can work.
  9. Place the applicator in your back pocket or within reach. You will need this handy later.
  10. Spray a little solution on the window closest to the pillar that you will be working on. DO NOT REMOVE THE PROTECTOR FROM THE BACKING YET. Place the protector on the window with the backing on the glass and the black film facing you. The water should hold the backing and film. If it looks like it is not going to hold, use more water or tape the backing to the glass. Now you are ready for the actual install and set up for success!
  11. Spray the pillar generously, You will want it wet! Now the pillar is wet and your protector is next to it just hanging out, hopefully STILL ON THE BACKING… :)
  12. Spray the face of the film and your hands. Keep your hands wet to protect the film from oils.
  13. Starting from the top, Peel the film from the backing and spray the sticky side as you go. Be generous with the soapy water mix, it will help you center the film to the pillar. It should be dripping wet.
  14. Spray the pillar with water again to make sure it is wet, then place the film on the pillar with no pressure. You should be able to slide the film around to make small adjustment.
  15. Align the film on the pillar starting with the top and looking along the edges. Make sure any gaps are equal all the way around. Check the bottom to make sure you are not too high or low and adjust as needed.
  16. If the film is not sliding easily, carefully remove it and spray with more solution. I hope you added soap and did not just use water.
  17. Once you are happy with the alignment, spray the film with more solution. Holding the film in place at the top. Using light/medium pressure, take your applicator (Felt side to the film) and in one motion start form the top, below your fingers, and drag down to the bottom. The goal is to press the water mix out from between the pillar and the film allowing the adhesive to work. Be careful not to snag the applicator on any cutouts for a keypad. One smooth continuous swipe down is all that is needed to lock it in place.
  18. The film is now locked in place along the center. Examine the cut out (if applicable)and work towards the center to make sure it has seated around it.
  19. Now starting from the same spot, below your fingers, swipe again but this time going up to seat the top.
  20. To seat the edges, work from the center of the pillar to the left/right edges. Imagine that you are trying to wrap the film around the edge of the pillar.This will ensure that the film lays down and wraps around the edges where applicable. Not all pillars are designed to wrap around. This is intentional to ensure a long lasting bond. Do this around the perimeter of the pillar.
  21. Finally, being careful not to snag an edge, dry the film/pillar to admire your work. If cleaned and installed correctly, there should be no bubbles and your pillars should look flawless!DO NOT wash or wet the vehicle for the next 48 hours. The moisture behind the film needs time to evaporate or they will move and possibly lift off of the panel. Once they have set, they will NOT come off with typical washing or driving through car washes.